This site is all about Healing/recovering from psychotronics - mostly via mind programming(because mindTech is used),
brainwashing in the old days - for many many reasons - but the good old exploitation/opression/(sexual)slavery/psyExperiments is usually a goal,
in short - social engineering. When mindTech is covertly abused on individual/mass - it's called remote/wireless terrorism.

This old pictures says it all - which is modern psyConditioning or mind programming(eHealth) abuse.
The basic version of this site is also in pdf format which can be dowloaded/read also on a smartphone here,
i recommend to first read this small pdf book - optimally on a smartphone - and only then, to check/read this website.
29.aug is celebration of targeted individuals world day(many many people nowadays).
At the same time - this website also represents targeted individuals from Slovenia.

Za prevajalnik cele strani lahko klikneš levo zeleno črto(for translation you can click left green line).
Skupina za targeted individuals in vse ki jih zanima kaj se s psiho-fizičnim zdravjem danes zares dogaja tule(t.i. support group in slovenian language).
Vprašalnik če ste del el.pogojevanja v sl.verziji je tule, letak pa tukaj(questionare of m.progr. and flyer in slovenian).
Zelo priporočam - simptomi težkih kovin v telesu - tule(toda največ virov od psychotronics zlorab) in tule. Tolko od "korone". In - zavajanje preko cepiv.
Hkrati zaenkrat sam merim kvaliteto ambienta kjer se živi(hiš,stanovanj,itd) - kot je kvaliteta vode, zraka, nezaželjen emf-smog in frekvenčna polja, mail je na levi strani links/email.
In pa - kompleten test kvalitete vode v bližnjem okolišu kjer trenutno sem - ni del namernega mind programminga ampak vseeno - tole.

What's here:

Another quite ok site is rose lab and this - altough ehs is really covert m.programming.

For quickest preview/understanding: go to left menu m.progr: What is mind programming..(scroll to green text 'Show/hide images' and ..II), Symptoms and after that to Tips and links/email section.
"Divine business" is usually not run by regular politics, but by "higher rase" - psyEnergyExploiters(psychologicalEnergyExploiters)/proBrainwashers.

"Cancer"/disorders/"corona"/others for example, are just a word that covers psyExploiters
wireless mind programming work and psychological experiments for profit - so that psyEnergyExploiting business can covertly run.
What is mind programming? brainwashing.. but - advanced (global) modern wireless brainwashing,
in short - investments in professional wireless modern slavery circus.
When you read info here, remember - that this is not to make someone worry/burden more - this is brainwashers wireless ai job,
but to reCheck lies brainwashing is instilling and dismiss them, it also mentions what abusing wireless mind technology can do.
Spoiled psychopaths motto is very easy: systematic abuses/tortures are their way/tools to get what they want - the more method is a "stab in the back" type - the more they'll use it, with "undetectable" global illegal mind programming business - world became a brainwashed nuthouse where black market business is trying to lead others via covert mind programming(wireless brainwashing)
And finally - a Law Against any kind of wireless Mind Control/Programming abuse doing business using humanity/other as a wireless guinea pigs psyEnergySocialExperiments.

Some are having sex as tabu theme - but this site is about destroying tabu myths
about brainwashing and wireless mind control, which also includes other things that not all are talking about,
altough it seems "how's the weather" seems to be much more important to quite some.

All of this is pretty simple.
Mind programming is a science that not all are aware of - which has many applications.
If you think you are psychologically fully free and that doctor is your first health care provider,
you are still living in a global/personalized lies - fairy tale - brainwashers wireless ai created in your head via wireless psyConditioning,
it seems quite a lot of non-corrupted 'gurus'(eg eckhart tolle,osho,mooji,...) noticed that something in their mind tries to fool them - which - ha haaa - is nothing but mind programming abuse which is at least thoughts/emotions manipulation/psyConditioning via mind programming - but they call it "the mind".
Current truth is that psyExploiters wireless ai is nowadays trying to lead/exploit humanity psychophysical health via daily brainwashing for managing the market in sadistic ways,
this is why doctors/others can't explain even the simple "non-explainable illnesses" like non-vitality(depression), migraine, tinnitus, dementia, schizophrenia, "cancer", hearing voices and so on(check image on this site - altought ehs is a part of active mind programming abuse or if you are a doctor this and this which is a typical wireless energetic burning a part of the body weapon thing - which is a health program psyExploiters wireless ai probably choosen for someone arround birth for such psyExperiments/business - yes - it's already that advanced for more than 50years), simply because all is not teached in commercial schools - eg how wireless quantum fields/energy or specialized telecommunications work is for example not teached.
One word "virus".. and brainwashers are probably laughing at the joke how they managed to fool soo much people and try to say "sit down, you are in our psychological kindergarten"(not all check/research things) - which is nothing but a little more advanced global hypnosis/brainwashing via mindTech - brainwashers are semi-good illusionists but fully liars/manipulators/tricksters/crooks(black market business guys/girls) - altough this works only because they use covert technological opression/brainwashing/control on humanity - abuse of wireless mind technology, this is where (subconscious) nut-house and mysterious "viruses/neurological-illnesses/disorders" are comming from.

Many got it completelly wrong what is meant by health, personally i don't know anyone that has specter of health completed.
I am not interested if one goes over whole world, the criteria of vital health as it should be is simply this: sleeping a few hours
and get up full of energy without forcing oneself to get up and to do whatever one wishes whole day, let it be usuals stuff or spiritual practice or whatever - and still - have some ok energy left at the end of the day, if this is not so - something is seriously wrong that many people overlook, typical nowadays 'unknown' problem. Vital health dictates quality of living and/or ability to have fun without drugs/alcohol, drained or brainwashed or person with disorders won't even know what fun as it should be - is. What's one of the black comedy? people with drained energy try to correct that with drugs/alcohol(i was amongs them cca 20 years ago) and/or pills/energy-drinks - but it doesn't work that way - at least not in the long run.
Why is this so - why vital health is not at the optimum of most? this site tries to explain that - but in short: wireless "social experiments" business, psyEnergyExploiters/brainwashers invested a lot in global psychotronics machines completelly managing/exploiting humanity/other psychophysical health - so that they created such system of energetic/mental opression for modern wireless mind control 'livestock' management also for consicousness/energy trafficking and to have a goody working bee slaves. So yes - it's still crooks paradise - the core of corruption, maybe they are also soo stoned that they don't know what they are doing. There was once an documentary on tv: "unusual symptoms" what concerns people being more intensivelly managed/targeted than the rest - either t.i.(targeted individuals) or ehs(electro hypersensitive people) and when they went into cave - this unusual symptoms dissapeared. I think that psychotronics/radionics abuse also works better in areas with (non quality) electricity(emf smog) and too much telecommunications(also wifi/etc as electro polution) - because sigint or psychotronics can both use/modify/override commercial/other telecommunications signals for "undetectable" modern wireless concentration camp circus.

Most people are nowadays mind controlled in realtime, meaning spoiled psychopaths have in the past done their homework.
Do you know how tv/internet/mobile router operaters can fix/manage your modem from anywhere instantly?
Mind programming is the same, but here - people's psychophysical health is managed by mind programming operaters - altough fully automated by wireless ai, that's why unusual name - human farms for "market management". Mind programming also includes eg destroying any electric appliances if someone of them wish so, i think this knowledge also came from sigint - which could be a part of psychotronics.

Exo/para-politics have done extensive harsh covert psyExperiments(psychologicalExperiments) in the past what concerns paranormal-psychology/consciousness/psychic-energy/special-telecommunications/nano-micro-chips/quantum-technology/etc with anything that came into their hands for modern 'livestock' business management, so this is why nowadays quite exotic brainwashing can be used on most in real-time. Nature is certainly neutral - it's not doing longterm harm/illnesses/disorders/problems/boring-monotonic-lifes(depression/non-vitality - which comes from energetic field/body holes produced by wireless ai treatments-destruction)/mind-control/etc.
This is how modern empire has been build for more than 50years, it's not the problem using mind programming for it - it's the way how it's used by the guys/girls on the black market for soo long, using masses/humanity as covert modern mind controlled "livestock"/business/psyEnergyExperiments/etc and using wireless white torture on most and harsh wireless psychoPhysical tortures on targeted individuals(active mind programming - also most older people) - but this are called "unknown" reason or disorders or even - born under the unlucky star.

This pictures says it all - which is modern psyConditioning or mind programming(eHealth) abuse.
Best proPaedophile psychology tries to drive humanity psychology via thoughts/emotions/etc to lead the market in such ways - so, i recommend checking
out "your" thoughts(also 'mind chatter')/emotions/energy sometimes and how these works - which are mostly an wireless ai "be in our kindergarten" psyche treatments for exploitative/parasitic human farm.
Non corrupted gurus or even some psychotherapists recommends exactly the same things - 'watch your thoughts', but they think thoughts are manipulated by 'the mind', albeit it's a part of global human farmers(psyEnergyExploiters) wireless ai to get what they want via humanity(this biz also came from mind/energy stealing).
This existance is otherwise much more natural, suffering/illness free, vital/healthy, generous and a little bit more fun, psyEnergyExploiters just tries to redirect all the best this existance has to offer to their business - they call this quality control, meaning also to drive as much 'livestock' heads as possible for their needs, this is how mind programming was born. Usually - psyEnergyExploiters also know what nonCommercialSpirituality is and this is abused/destroyed in others also in favour to their business.
Ha haaa - this wireless brainwashing mind control baby brainwashes all, as much as mental health specialists as much as doctors(that's why you'll find more poison in some of the pills than in pesticides and heavy metals in pipe water) and as much as anyone else, human farm brainwashing must work that way - else sheeps would suspect something - "hey look, s/he didn't vaccinate and s/he is more healthy than i am" - which is proBrainwashers cocktail. show/hide more..

There are devices against mind control or mind programming abuse - like this or similar webpage this.
The first thing i recommend checking for(besides down text) is under left menu 'm.progr'=>Show/hide images(green text) and at top symptoms(passive/active),
altough i recommend reading at least whole of 'm.progr' in left menu - if you want to understand basic things of modern health-based terorism/exploitations.
If you think that something in this world stinks - you are right - covert mind programming and ai used on most people stinks - which smells bad probably also onto other galaxies.
If you think you are being paranoid - you can be sure proBrainwashers tricks are at work - making someone 'crazy' wirelessly is their favourite method.
The "hard truth" is simple: either allow that there is something more than just eating and shitting in life and/or research what mind programming is, OR be squashed
somewhere "on the journey" by mind programming systems leaded by ai which some made to manage markets, and with that - 'undetectably' managing psychoPhysicalHealth of most.

What is mind programming abuse?
Simple.. It's centralized automated wireless psyConditioning/brainwashing/energeticParasitism/etc electronic/mindTech/psychotronics usage, but here - existence/worldwide resources/energy/lifes management in proBrainwashers favour, chi/vital force energy destroying/stealing/trafficking is a part of it - so they had to create a word 'depression' amongs others.
Someone from eg ny pushes a button and a guy/girl gets a migraine, acid reflux, sudden body tremor, depression, heartattack, panic attack, psychosis etc in eg slovenia(could be other way arround or even for/from another planet) - meaning psycho physical health is at the mercy of a few terrorists by a push of a button, although artificial intelligence nowadays does that mostly by manages market illegally and with that - people's lives. Brainwashers uses ai doing that, so that it looks more natural and tries to convince this are all natural illnesses - altought it's just global breinwashing for a few assholes. It can easily be called crimes against humanity because it's done wirelessly covertly on mostly all - some more some less, with time wireless electronic brainwashing almost became a sport - because it became super advanced with public not knowing much about it.

Ai is nowadays used on all without their knowledge, this is the only reason where "cancer"/others comes from, so if one wants to get rid of the "cancer", one has to get rid of mind programming abuse, not filling body with more toxins(vaccines,chemoTherapy,etc), as simple as that - this holds true for any "disorder", illness or "mental illness" or depression or "life is hard" thing.
From this sooooo many problems sprouted a long time ago, which are here totally unnecesarily. Somewhere in the past mindTech/quantumTech/nanoTechnology flourished - and it was opening of a pandora box for humanity and other things, it seems crooks/brainwashers/proPsyEnergyExploiters were mostly the 1st they used it extensivelly. This also creates too superficial world - which many are probably already tyred of or bored with it.

What exactly is covert mind programming abuse in a few sentances?
in short - it's brainwashing business via wHealth/eHealth(electronicHealth but mostly E-mental health) plus quantumHealth management by far more than 50years by psyEnergyExploiters(or "sect" like people) - meaning people's health is wirelessly covertly managed(or experimented on or controlled) mostly without people's knowledge, also for brainwashing and mostly managed by artificial intelligence - this is where most problems are comming from on humanity as a whole, because psyExperiments/brainwashing is usually done on all - some more(activeMindProgramming known as targeted individuals) and some less - most people.
     Nowadays there are not just smart phones - but psyExploiters invest in a smart people and smart cities which is definitelly not for "security" but managing of a market via quite cheap wireless electronic/psychotronic/quantum brainwashing or mc('innocent commercial'mindControl or nonLethalWeapons) so that some can play kings and queens. The more "smart" people(brainwashed/"undetectably"controlled) one has - the more power/egoGames has over the market and/or 'opponents', "smart people" meaning either being covertly treated with microchips+(special)telecommunications and/or psychotronics. 99% you are one of them - some tests showed 14 from 17 being microchipped(size is 0.05mm and less). This is so called "black market" modern slavery - neuroCapitalism - and ai(artificial-intelligence) is used on people for "social experiments/engineering" without their knowledge - which is of course - the intent. Is it legal? slavery itself is supposed not to be legal - of course my personal oppinion is that no one should be treated like one is in a modern electronic concentration camp, but then - global brainwashing would not work(a part of so called "cia" human farms and mind programming Services to opress/mindControl 'opponents'). Typical besides internal is nowadays for example external "corona" brainwashing on media(which is not a virus, "swine flu"? that was the best..) - tv/radio/someSocialNetworks/etc(workers there don't have to know about this). I almost bet that nowadays psyExploiters artificial intelligence has preprogrammed "illnesses" on their menu(1976 one "illness",2000 second,2020 - this crap now,2032 maybe another and so forth and maybe another "corona" if someone from "lowerRase" is getting on nerves to someone from "higherRase" - so that "higher rase" can in peace make their business via "social psychological experiments") on "lower rase" and people which don't know what's going on. Well - many do.. it's a "higher rase" sport, some have regular watches and some have smart watches with which they command not only their smart homes - but also the rest of the world. Some of them go that far that they implant themselves in their favour and can just with thoughts command the world arround them via MindTech(mindTechnology). Personally - i am not a fan of mindTech - although some are obsessed with it - a kind of 'modern hitlers', "cia" agents, gargamels and zeldas, but.. we are not smurfs. Parties are for example also many times bad only because of 'innocent commercial' mind programming abuse, of course - psyExploiters have their own many times sadistical ones - but.. we are not all sadists for god sake.
Yeah - technology is not only tv, radios and a light bulb - in mindTech systems - it's much more involved.
Well.. it's a black comedy.

What can one do about this?
There is a loooot of things - eg promote targeted individuals stuff and other things..
If anyone is interested - quite a lot of things has to be experimented on.