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Open wireless-ai &
Open mind programming project

This is a very early access - but this things will be needed to implement:

  1. ai-core computer programming via c/c++/etc for modules integration(could be also an already created library/other):
    personally i don't know much how is ai implemented - so any help is welcome

  2. create psychotronics - wireless interface and wireless physics("spooky action at a distance") to wirelessly modify mind/materia:
    personally i don't know much how radionics/psychotronics works - so any help is welcome,
    albeit i think radionics mostly works without electricity while psychotronics always uses it.
    Radionics just need more time to achieve the same - better psychotronics can create almost anything instantly.
    Of course - with this - it's a piece of cake to create any artificial good(euphoria,good mood,etc) or bad(a "micro-organism/virus"/depression/etc) psychophysical health at a distance - and here - it's not meant for abusive purposses.
    Because it can also create other effects at a distance - it's also sometimes called spiritual technology or mind technology or simply mindTech.
    To test: Here - it's meant to made fully non-invasive wireless interface/psychotronics: meaning one can also wirelessly simulate nano/micro-chips in one's body,
    and when wireless mind programming/control is not used anymore on some subject - there are no evidences something was/is in the body.
    One could only find evidence of this if it would be recorded in realtime when one eg just for fun operates on someone that he/she knows for
    experimentation purposses, then - the right devices would measure this wireless treatments.

  3. ai-core Modules:

Science fiction? no..
Basically - this is how professional mind programming works under the hood for more than 50years,
it's called mindTech as mind technology or when used in practice - mind programming.
Hmm - a question.. what happens when someone with mind programming changes global 'standard' chemistry elements palette which is teached in all schools?
Well - this is what some call: bridging science and spirituality/energetics.

Also - a diagram how wireless ai workings looks like is under:
m.progr. => Quick preview .. Essential Mind Programming understanding..